Changing the way Custom Swag Kits are ordered

We're changing the way Custom Swag Kits are ordered!

When our parent company, Synergem, was founded back in 1985 we quickly realized that change was the only thing constant in the world.  Changes in society and technology bring new challenges and this is especially true in the world of marketing and promotion.  As an adviser of new technologies in this space, we wanted to make ordering custom swag kits so much easier.


We understand the pains that some of our customers encounter when ordering custom merch and promo products.  We've been listening and started looking into ways to make the whole experience better.  We finally found a way to make life easier and created a whole new brand around it.  Today, we are proud to announce that we've created a new, simple way for you to build and customize your own branded swag kits right from your web browser!



Custom Swag Kit


Custom Swag Kit (a brand of Synergem, Inc.) is our complete end-to-end e-commerce platform tailored for B2B and designed to make ordering swag easy!  In just 3 simple steps, you can place an order for some of the latest trending top-quality merch available:

Step 1: Pick your swag

Step 2: Upload your art

Step 3: Tell us where to ship


We'll handle the rest.  Every product we sell is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We have years of experience in promotional products. Our expertise in kitting and fulfillment has enabled us to develop one cohesive system that combines these strengths into a site that facilitate the entire process for you.

Bass-ic Kit

For starters, the site offers some pre-built kits to inspire you - such as the Bass-ic Kit shown here - but it doesn't stop there. The site is also flexible enough for you to choose from carefully curated items that will wow your audience. You build it and we'll pack, ship and even warehouse it for you!  


If you order in bulk you can take advantage of our Free Bulk Shipping in the Continental US.  Now you can finally empty out that extra closet full of merch and take the rest of the day off (don't worry, we won't tell!)


You may be thinking "What if I prefer individual kits?"  No problem!  We know presentation matters.  Just choose any of our packaging options and we'll brand it for you.  We'll throw in some matching crinkle paper and even include a nice little note card.  For one less thing to worry about, we'll also size the package to make sure everything fits nicely.  Any size package - for the same price!  We can even drop ship to multiple recipients anywhere in the world.


So, what are you waiting for? Get that logo ready and be sure to add to your bookmarks as it will surely become your favorite way to order custom swag kits!  Now that's Branded Swag.  Done.