5 Added Values In Branded Swag

5 Added Values In Branded Swag

You may be wondering about what some of the added values are in promoting your brand with custom swag.  Using Custom Swag Kits in your next marketing campaign provides some unique benefits and so we've created a short list to help you understand what you're getting beyond the physical purchase:


1. Brand Loyalty

Happy Swag Recipient

When someone receives a custom swag kit, the first thing they feel is a sense of appreciation as a client, employee, etc.  The recipient takes notice of the selection of products you've made and realize that they are receiving a thoughtful gift that is as special as they themselves are.  Displaying your brand or message on these products makes them unique and memorable which helps build trust and brand loyalty.  



2. Additional promotion

Swag Friends

When someone receives something cool or useful, there is a good chance that they will want to show it off to someone else - especially like-minded people.  This helps build brand awareness and can have a ripple effect leading to new prospects or hires.  The simple fact that your company is going that extra mile shows that you're taking the initiative to build relationships.



3. More bang for the buck

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Many companies spend a large portion of their campaign budget on social media ads and pay-per-click advertising. This is great but it can quickly get very expensive and lost in the fast-paced online world.  Most people will see your ad and skip right over it and not pay any mind to your message.  Branded swag is always upfront and center every time the recipient uses the product.  Choosing useful item will ensure that the user remembers your brand on a repetitive basis.



4. Lets your creativity shine


Creating a custom swag kit is a great way to strut your stuff and show how creative your can be.  Choose useful and aesthetically pleasing items that work well together to convey your message.  For example if your target audience is college freshmen entering a new school, you can include items such as journals, backpacks and pens.  Not only are these useful, but your brand will spread all over campus!


5. Favorable Stats

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A recent study by PROMotion Marketing, LLC found that 90% of people who receive a promotional product can recall the brand.  Furthermore a single promo item averages 344 impressions per month.  On average, 60% of the people keep the product for about 2 years which yields over 8,000 impressions for each product you include in your kit.  Now that's impressive!




Get started in a single click!

Ready to check it out?  All you need to do is get your logo ready and head over to customswagkit.com to build your very own branded swag kits.  Just choose your items to get started.  If you need some additional ideas or motivation, be sure to check out our pre-made kits for inspiration!